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Mainland company formation

Mainland Company Creation UAE is one of the types of company formation that is beneficial for firms who are comfortable establishing and operating inside Emirati jurisdiction and that are located in commercialized zones geographically.

To open a business on the UAE mainland, a Mainland license granted by the Dubai Economic Department (DED) is required, and the company must be registered under it. Even so, the presence of a local sponsor is required for legal agreements and commercial papers.

The Advantages of Starting a Business on the Mainland

Setting up a business under a Mainland Company gives business owners more flexibility because, unlike other company formation rules and regulations, there are less restrictions on the activities that can be involved in running a firm. The following are some of the most compelling reasons to establish a business in Dubai Mainland.

  • According to the law, there is no requirement for investment in order to obtain a Mainland license.
  • Companies on the mainland are exempt from all corporate taxes.
  • The process to obtain a mainland company license In comparison to other countries, forming a company in Dubai is rather simple.
  • Obtaining an employment visa is simple.
  • Capital and earnings can be repatriated in their entirety.
  • The location of your business might be anywhere in the UAE.

Freezone company formation

A major challenge in setting up a business in the uae is the requirement to have a uae national as a partner with more than half of the shares being owned by them. But free zones have turned out to be a solution to this problem, as they offer complete tax-free ownership to operate any international business- manufacturing, import, or export of goods and services. These free zones located in every emirate at strategic locations near airports, seaports, and national borders have turned out to be the hubs for commerce and trade. The opportunity for entrepreneurship in these free zones has contributed tremendously to the growth of the economy.

List of free zones in the UAE

UAE is home to nearly 50 free zones located across the length and breadth of the country. They have attracted non-residents to set up businesses and form companies escalating the annual GDP by many folds. Albeit the difference in setup cost and paperwork involved, the basic requirements to set up a business in these free zones remain the same.

The most prominent free zones in the UAE are:

  • DAFZA : Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • JAFZA : Jabel Ali Free Zone
  • SHAMS : Sharjah media city
  • AFZ : Ajman Free Zone
  • RAKEZ : Ras Al
  • Khaimah Free Zone
  • Hamriya Free Zone

Entities eligible to set up a business in free zones include:

  • Branch of an existing local or overseas company.
  • Single shareholder held- free Zone Establishment.
  • Free Zone Company with up to 5 shareholders.

The notable advantages of setting up a business in any of the free zones would be:

  • 100% foreign ownership.
  • 100% exemption from corporate, personal, and income taxes.
  • Exemption from import and export duties.
  • 100% free transfer of funds.
  • Availability of factory and office spaces on lease or sale.
  • 3-year resident visa.
  • Affordable freight charges

The government of UAE has made the setting up of businesses and companies in these free zones liberal to encourage foreign investment. This has indeed been a boon to the economical growth of the country. We, at Dubai Information Center, have a team specially assigned to company formation in the UAE free zones that assist entrepreneurs to go about the free zone company formation.

Offshore company formation

The government of the UAE introduced the concept of offshore companies in 2003. Since then, they have contributed immensely to the growth of the economy. Owned by a non-resident individual or corporate, these companies do not need to have an office in the UAE, yet can operate seamlessly. They can avail tax exemptions apart from other financial assistance too.

Why offshore companies are on the rise in UAE?

  • Ownership allowed for non-UAE residents or corporate enterprises.
  • The owner need not be present in the UAE during company formation.
  • Cost-effective as it doesn’t demand a physical office.
  • They are allowed to operate businesses outside of UAE.
  • Maintenance of worldwide bank accounts.
  • Complete tax exemption- including income tax, corporate tax, export, and import taxes.
  • Enables company formation within 2 or 3 days.

With the flexible regulations involved in setting up an offshore company in UAE, many foreign investors are enthusiastic about setting up companies in Dubai, RAK, JAFZA and Ajman, the most prominent offshore options in UAE.
We, at Dubai Information Center, are a registered agent to help international clients in the procedure involved in setting up an offshore company in UAE. By helping to protect assets, limit liabilities, and evade taxes, we help you incorporate an offshore company in Dubai that brings in maximum profits with minimum investment.