A Lively & Edifying Guide to Setup your Dream Virtual Office in Dubai.

The trade world is persistently advancing, and companies must adjust to stay competitive. This proceeded drive for advancement has driven to the rise of virtual workplaces, which offer business visionaries the adaptability and comfort of running their businesses from anyplace. So what may be a virtual office in Dubai, and why might your company take advantage of one?

Therefore, virtual offices in Dubai – a hub of international business – have become increasingly popular as more and  more entrepreneurs look for ways to reduce overheads while maintaining access to the city’s excellent infrastructure and resources. 

Here we will tell you everything you need to know about virtual offices in Dubai, their features and services in the best way.

Virtual Office in Dubai
Setting up a virtual office in Dubai

Table of Contents

  • What is a Virtual Office in Dubai?
    • Dubai Virtual Office Services
    • Types of Virtual Office Spaces in Dubai
  • Why to Have a Virtual Office in Dubai?
    • Reasonable costs
    • Flexibility
    • Prime Location
    • Expert Vision
    • Legal Compliance
  • What is a Virtual Company License in Dubai?
    • Who is eligible for a Dubai Virtual Company License?
    • Business Activities Permitted Under a Virtual Company License
  • Guide to Setup a Virtual Office in Dubai
  • Why is Dubai the Best Option for Setting Up a Virtual Office?

What is a Virtual Office in Dubai?

A virtual office in Dubai is an innovative business model that combines the flexibility of remote work with the reliability of a traditional office. In addition, it is an excellent choice for companies ranging from start-ups to multinationals operating in this metropolis.  

Business management consulting firm Gartner offers an exciting forecast. By 2027,  fully virtual workspaces are predicted to account for 30 percent of metaverse technology investments. So this trend is changing significantly and ushering in a new era of  office experience.  

However, opening a virtual office in Dubai depends on several qualifying aspects. Read on as we guide you through this potential change for your business.

Dubai Virtual Office Services

A virtual office service in Dubai provides the following services:

  • A corporate address for your business
  • Mail handling, including receipt and forwarding of mail items to you wherever you are located
  • Access to a dedicated telephone number with optional call-answering services
  • Meeting rooms as well as serviced offices when needed
  • Office administration services, including managing bookings, arranging appointments and providing secretarial support
  • Virtual customer support through remote call centers

Virtual offices often include co-working spaces that are perfect for small groups that want to meet and work in a collaborative environment. Now that you know the services that a virtual office offers, let’s look at the benefits of having a virtual office in Dubai.

Types of Virtual Office Spaces in Dubai

Two types of virtual office spaces in Dubai  that cater to different business needs.

  •  A virtual office for Marketers. 

This type of virtual office usually provides a business address and the name “Dubai” when doing business. However, they do not have physical workspaces, residence permits or bank accounts.

  •  Dormant virtual office. 

Currently, this virtual office feature adds additional features such as employees, phones, and phone numbers. Usually use web-based companies.

Why to Have a Virtual Office in Dubai?

As many companies around the world move to a non-office management culture, Dubai and the UAE are no exception. Having a virtual office in Dubai has many advantages, including:

Reasonable Costs

A Virtual Office in Dubai allows you to operate in one of Dubai’s prime locations, like the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) or Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), at a fraction of the cost of what it would typically take to have full-fledged corporate offices in Dubai or UAE office space.

Companies can save money on overhead expenses without needing to rent or own physical premises.

The Virtual Office offers a flexible and cost effective alternative to a full time office in Dubai. A great business address and a dedicated receptionist are keys to creating the image of success that any start-up or established business needs. Grow your business in Dubai & the UAE with Dubai Information Center’s (DIC) Virtual Office Packages!

Available in a range of packages catered to your precise needs, DIC offers a comprehensive reception service including telephone answering, mail forwarding, a local business number and call forwarding, as well as access to fully furnished corporate suites in convenient, centralized business districts.

Our locations in Dubai boast impressive views. With DIC you gain access to a worldwide community of 50,000+ like-minded peers whom you can buy from, sell to & collaborate with.

DIC’s Virtual Office Packages provide you with everything you need without committing to dedicated office space. The prices may vary from Regular Virtual Offices to Premium Virtual Offices. Starting from 1200 AED to 1800 AED per month, and prices can be high or low according to the requirements of the new Business Company.  Professionally trained, bilingual receptionists will answer calls in your company name and with the greeting of your choice. Your calls can be transferred as per your instructions to an office, mobile, voicemail or anywhere in the world!


Virtual offices allow businesses to scale up or down as needed. This is very useful for companies that are based in Dubai and sell seasonally, allowing them to reduce  overhead costs even during the off season. 

You can easily upgrade your virtual office package whenever you need more business space, such as conference rooms or other office space.

Prime Location

In addition, a virtual presence in Dubai advantageously positions your company as an important global contact point that expands your business opportunities.

The location plays a very significant part when you are doing a Foreign Business. Reaching out to consumers where they are often placed is important. There you can have an option to rent office space at their places. When it comes to getting your perfect workers and clients, the first thing you need to do is find your great market location. Getting a specialist company address found in a well-known office building will provide a perfect first impression on your Business. 

Expert Vision

Your business may have a great website or thousands of social media accounts, but  a virtual office in Dubai adds credibility and legitimacy to your business.  

Having a physical presence through your virtual office  also improves your visibility to potential clients or investors because they know  you have a real location in the city. In addition,  many official documents require you  to provide a postal address in the UAE, which you can quickly obtain from your virtual office provider.

Legal Compliance

Finally, a virtual office in Dubai is also important for legal compliance, as all businesses must comply with certain laws and regulations depending on their size and operations. This includes registration with the relevant authorities, such as a free zone or local government. 

Business licensing authorities in Dubai often require you to provide a local postal address to apply for your Commercial Business License in Dubai. Your virtual office provider can help you meet this regulatory requirement.   

When we talk about virtual offices in Dubai, sometimes you might confuse a virtual license with a virtual office. Many business users use the two interchangeably, but they are quite different. Let’s know about it.

What is a Virtual Company License in Dubai?

Dubai has a dynamic and open economy that allows businesses to operate worldwide. Recently, His Highness Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of Dubai, issued the first virtual business license. This innovative project is a joint venture involving Dubai Economy, Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), Directorate General  of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA), Smart Dubai and the Supreme Legislative Council.  Virtual Company License is organized into three main industries: creative industries, technology and services. This is a unique opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs to set up a business in the UAE without the need to reside in the country.

A virtual license is a legal permit issued by the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism  (DED)  to business companies that do not have a physical presence in or around the city. In Dubai, all business entities that come under commercial, professional, and sole establishment registered under the Dubai Economic Department (DED) are Dubai Mainland License. Primary, possessing a Dubai mainland license helps you enjoy maximum freedom and flexibility to grow and operate your business. Entrepreneurs can enjoy the same benefits as existing entrepreneurs, including visa and residency services, banking services and business license registration, without establishing an office in Dubai.

A Virtual Company License in Dubai allows entrepreneurs to set up business premises in the city without being physically present. This is especially useful for startups and small businesses that want to expand into new markets but don’t have the resources to do so.

To qualify for a virtual company license, a licensed entity must not: 

  • He resides and has a physical establishment in the United Arab Emirates 
  • You must have employees living and working in the UAE, excluding clerical and administrative staff. 
  • Carrying out activities that require  physical activity 

However, companies holding a virtual license can open a business account, register trademarks and patents, and apply for visas and residence permits through a designated virtual license as a registered agent.

Who is eligible for a virtual Company license in Dubai?

DED has established  the Dubai Virtual Commercial City (VCC), a separate legal body, to manage and approve virtual licenses in Dubai. VCC accepts and processes virtual license applications based on certain criteria. 

  • Applicants must not reside or open a physical office in the UAE. 
  • The applicant’s company must have a valid business registration and tax registration on one of the approved national lists. VCC currently has a list of 101 approved countries, including most European and North American countries and many countries in the Middle East, South America, Africa and Asia. 
  • The business must be included in the list of approved categories. The list includes computer programming, printing, advertising, design, and lots of information on specific areas. 

As you can see, virtual offices in Dubai are different from those operating under a virtual license.

Business Activities Permitted Under a Virtual Company License

Before applying for a virtual business license in Dubai, you  need to decide what business activities you want to do. It is important to remember that  business activities are conducted remotely. You should choose a business  that suits your skills, abilities and financial resources. Here is a  list of specific business activities  you can do under a virtual business license. These business activities fall into three main categories: Here is the list of business activities allowed under  virtual business license in Dubai:

Service activities

  • Design & Artwork Services
  • Books Binding
  • Promotional Gifts Preparing
  • Typesetting Services
  • Greeting Cards Production & Distribution Services
  • Color Separation Services

Computer programming, consultancy & related activities

  • Computer Systems & Communication Equipment Software Design
  • Public Networking Services
  • Managed Cybersecurity Services Provider
  • Electronic Chips Programming
  • Social Media Applications Development & Management
  • Cyber Security Architecture
  • Cyber Risk Management Services
  • Auditing, Reviewing & Testing Cyber Risks
  • Web-Design
  • Marketing Services

Creative Design

  • Interior design
  • Calligraphers & Painters
  • Product Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Jewelry Design

Guide to Setup a Virtual Office in Dubai

Step 1: Market research 

First, it is important to understand the  business conditions in Dubai. Next, define your  audience and select your business niche. This way, you can learn about the trends in your local market and use it to adjust your business plan.

Step 2: Name your business 

When choosing an acceptable business name in Dubai, following the guidelines of the UAE Registration Office is not optional. Avoid bad language and avoid talking about Islam or Allah. Also, when entering a person’s name, use the full name instead of the abbreviation. To check  availability, please submit  three good names to the Registrar’s Office.

Step 3: Choose your business jurisdiction 

Entrepreneurs in the UAE face a crossroads when choosing a business jurisdiction. They move to free zones or the countryside. With more than 40 Free Zones, Dubai supports a unique industry by offering tax benefits, support services and attractive locations for foreign investors. However, offshore trading or Mainland Business jurisdictions allow direct trading within the UAE, eliminating the need for a branch office.

Step 4: Determine the business process 

It is important that all companies operating in the UAE, including  virtual offices in Dubai, hold a valid business license. This license describes the range of services and activities that the company can offer while maintaining the regulations of the sector. It is important to follow the business licensing rules  to avoid  penalties from the authorities.

Step 5: Acquire a virtual license 

To operate a virtual office in Dubai, you  need a virtual license issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). The benefits extend to virtual businesses favored by traditional entrepreneurs, such as the application of financial services and business licenses.

Step 6: Choose a virtual office provider in Dubai 

With your virtual license and marketing license in your portfolio, you can begin your search for a reliable virtual office provider in Dubai. 

Choosing the right provider is essential to the success of your business. Because they manage the most important parts of your virtual office. This includes administrative support, telephone management and mail. 

So consider a provider that offers a variety of options, and flexibility to meet your specific requirements and maximize the benefits of a virtual office in Dubai.

Why is Dubai the Best Option for Setting Up a Virtual Office?

Dubai is a city of skyscrapers, ports, and beaches, where big business takes place alongside sun-seeking tourism. Because of its large expatriate population, it feels like a Middle Eastern melting pot, and the atmosphere is generally tolerant. Religious affiliations are not a prominent aspect of city life.

The vast, healthy and prosperous Dubai Market, Free Economic Zones, Investor Friendly Policies, Outstanding Infrastructure, Fancy Hotels, High Standard of Living. And over everything Dubai comes first when talking about Customer Confidence. Additionally, free economic zones in Dubai will provide you with:

  • Furnished office space that will give you a competitive advantage.
  • Standard reputation with a minimum financial burden.
  • Dubai Government’s Investor Friendly Policies will further save Entrepreneurs from the inconvenience caused by leasing and taxation.

A Virtual Office in Dubai is preferable for Freelancers in any case, since a real one will not provide any advantages for their work, but only additional expenses. In Dubai, a Virtual Office will provide everything which is vital for a Business Company, a Real Address (for registration and obtaining a license), Communication (telephone, mail, voice mail), a place for Business Meetings (meeting rooms, conference rooms for presentations), Secretary Services (Mail Collection, Reception Calls), etc.