PRO Services in Dubai

PRO Services in Dubai

PRO (Public Relations Officer) is responsible for clearing the documents and paperwork involved in government approvals. They may include documents required for immigration, company formation, business license, passport issue, etc. We offer the best PRO services in Dubai to start-ups and existing businesses in the UAE. We also guide entrepreneurs in various zones.

At Dubai Information Center, we have a team of specialists who are well-versed in all government norms and legal procedures. We offer services in Dubai that provide professional services in Dubai, supporting customers with company formation, licenses, and other public relations services in both mainland and freezone . That is to say, we provide the best services in Dubai that comply with all legal standards, recognizing the needs and type of your business. 

Those who wish to start a business in Dubai, but are not aware of the degree of corporate culture, may find it difficult to get approvals from the ministry of labor, department of economic development, and other public departments.

Here are some of the PRO services in Dubai, that the Dubai Information Center offers.

  • Processing of documents in all government departments for immigration, company formation, passport issue, etc.
  • Processing and renewal of visa.
  • Attestation of all legal documents.
  • Obtaining no objection certificate (NOC) from government departments.

Our team of experts provides the best services in Dubai that help in documentation and paperwork, visa acquirement, and meeting operational requirements. In other words, you simply trust our PROs and leave all of your company formalities to them because we offer the best services.