Instant License

Dubai is continuously at the forefront of developing new entrepreneur policies. The Emirate of Dubai’s imaginative leadership has launched a Dubai Instant License initiative to let entrepreneurs obtain a business license in minutes. A qualified applicant can apply for an instant license, receive it, and immediately begin conducting business. As a result, the time-consuming, traditional business setup process is no longer necessary.


Instant/Immediate license


The Department of Economic Development (DED) is in charge of providing company licenses. The newly established instant licensing Dubai approach eliminates the need for documentation to obtain a business or professional license. You can apply for an instant license if you are thinking about starting a commercial or professional business in Dubai. The procedure is carried out online and can be completed in minutes.


  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Tenancy Contract (Ejari)
  • Registration of trading name


After you complete the online form and upload the required documents, the government will grant you a Dubai quick license, allowing you to start your business immediately.


Advantages of a Dubai Quick License?


  • Easy-to-use online application
  • Avoid the difficult process of a tenancy contract or Ejari for commercial and UAE office space by getting the license in minutes. For the first year, you can work from a virtual workspace. From the following year onwards, move your office to a physical location.
  • No additional clearances or requests required 
  • Registration is minimum
  • The ideal way to investigate the Dubai market and analyse the development potential, possible markets, and operating technique 
  • No need to register a trading name 
  • Cost-effective business setup formalities

Procedure for obtaining a Dubai immediate license?


UAE allows immediate license through an agency or directly. Getting help from a professional firm like ours might be advantageous in various ways. Our experts will provide you with the finest advice possible based on our experience. Furthermore, while starting a new firm in a foreign country, it is usually beneficial to have an industry expert on your side.


To apply for a trade instant license in Dubai, you must first obtain a Dubai Smartpass ID and apply for DED e-services. You may give us copies of your passports, a copy of your residency visa, an Emirates ID, and a letter of authorization from your present sponsor. We’ll take care of the paperwork and get you a quick Dubai license. During the online application procedure, however, all partners must be available.


Alternatively, you can use e-services to apply for a Dubai quick license. It will not request any extra paperwork. It is necessary for the expat or resident who is establishing the business to be present. It will be asked to include:


  • The business name.
  • Intended activities.
  • Contact information for the owners and partners.
  • Any other required documents.

All business activities in Dubai that do not require extra permissions or clearances from external agencies or departments are eligible for an immediate license. Companies that require permits from the Dubai Municipality, ministries, or any other department are not eligible to apply for the license.

An immediate license is available to a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a Sole Proprietorship, and a Civil Company that engages in particular commercial activities.