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A hand-in-hand partner for every business need.

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A pragmatic approach to company formation in Dubai.

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Entrepreneurship becomes easy with Dubai Information Center.

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Core values



We endeavor to provide the greatest quality services in order to meet and surpass the needs of our clients.


Reliable services

To trust us with your dream venture, we need to be trustworthy. And we live up to the name in every sense. We boast of a satisfied clientele only owing to the dedicated approach we put in.


Professional team

Our team consists of legal advisors, financial and marketing consultants to head and manage each service we offer.


Regular follow-up

We do not have a one-time relationship with our clients. It most often goes from helping in the company formation to the renewal of licenses, from the acquirement of visa to top-notch PRO services, from finding a sponsor to an office space. We do it all!

Our History

We provide best solutions for your Business

Our establishment assists with the required paperwork like Ejari, Tasheel services and other official approvals necessary when starting a business, whether you are a startup, a small firm, or an individual who only needs a trade license.

In the year 1998, a group of business experts formed the Dubai Information Center. It was intended to present our clients with an actual “customer-focused experience.” We all know that the United Arab Emirates, with its most populated metropolis, is one of the world’s largest business hubs. Dubai is a leading worldwide city and a popular tourist destination for Entrepreneurs, Investors, and visitors.

What we do ?


Thorough, assistance in establishing your ideal Business in Dubai in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible.


Assisting you in locating, collaborating with, and running your business with a local sponsor.

You may focus on your core business procedures while we handle the rest.


Assisting your company in developing, growing, and establishing a brand value, one that delivers on its promises.


We provide professional services in Dubai that assist with:

Document processing across all DED departments.

Visa processing and renewal.

Attestation of all legal documents.

Obtaining a government department’s no objection certificate (NOC).


We offer pro services in Dubai that help in:

Processing of documents in all government departments.
Processing and renewal of visa.
Attestation of all legal documents.
Obtaining no objection certificate (NOC) from government departments.


Supporting and guiding you to acquire a,
Virtual Office
Shared Office
Flexi Desk..etc
with the help of our professional team in a location of your preference.

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We aspire to be a world-class company formation expert in the UAE. We make every effort to provide you with the best Business, Financial, Trading, and Licensing solutions possible to help you realize your dreams by encouraging and guiding you to start your dream business.

We work with almost all government agencies